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  • 24th June
  • 24

All Terrain’s Sun Protection Products Meet FDA Guidelines

SUNAPEE, NH All Terrain, manufacturers of natural products for those who enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle believes that the FDA’s recently issued report on sunscreen protection provides a much-needed and, until now, unavailable set of product guidelines for manufacturers and a strong resource for consumers in search of accurate information.

Set to take effect for summer 2012, the  U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced earlier this month that sunscreen products meeting modern standards for effectiveness may be labeled with new information to help consumers find products that, when used with other sun protection measures, reduce the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging, as well as help prevent sunburn.

All Terrain is already a step ahead of most manufacturers – with its products only needing minor adjustments in order to meet the FDA’s guidelines.  These adjustments will be centered around labeling changes, including addressing “broad spectrum” and UVA protection statements.

“We applaud the FDA for releasing the final report.  It should bring greater clarity and consistency of information for consumers,” said David Kulow, president of All Terrain.  “Having said that, there will still need to be some more consumer education about the incremental value of SPF ratings.”


About All Terrain:  Headquartered in Sunapee, New Hampshire, All Terrain sells natural, effective products for active lifestyles, including DEET- free insect repellents, sunscreens, first aid, soaps, sanitizers, kids and pet products. All Terrain continues to develop, test and introduce quality performance products to help people enjoy the outdoors naturally. For more information visit:


  • 11th April
  • 11

Using sunscreen daily can cut risk of skin cancer in half

In a great article by Linda Shrievs of the Orlando Sentinel, she highlights a recent Australian study connecting daily use of Sunscreen to a reduced occurrence of melanoma.

As Spring approaches, make sure you have an SPF sunscreen on each day! And if you need some suggestions on what to choose, allow us to help you with that.

Linda Shrieves, The Orlando Sentinel, Fla.


March 23—For years, dermatologists have been telling Americans to lather on the sunscreen every day to prevent skin cancer.

There was just one problem with that: There was no definitive evidence that it really worked.

Now, finally, here’s some proof.

A long-term study in Australia has found that people who use sunscreen every day reduced their risk of getting melanoma — or skin cancer — by 50 percent — compared to people who used sunscreen occasionally.

Starting in 1992, Australian researchers followed 1,621 white Australian adults to study their sunscreen usage and their skin. The participants were divided into two groups. One group of 809 patients was told to use sunscreen as they usually did (38 percent of them said they never used sunscreen, while 35 percent said they used sunscreen infrequently.)

The other group of 812 patients was given unlimited supplies of sunscreen (SPF 16) with instructions to apply it to their heads, necks, arms and hands daily. In addition to reporting daily on their sunscreen usage, scientists weighed their sunscreen bottles when the participants returned them — to determine how much sunscreen they were using.

No sunscreen was supplied after 1996, but the study’s participants continued to answer questions about sun exposure, sunscreen use, and melanoma formation — until 2006, when the extended follow-up ended.

By 2006, 11 people in the daily-sunscreen group had developed a primary melanoma, compared to 22 people in the group that used sunscreen at their own discretion.

The study found that the risk for developing any melanoma was reduced by 50 percent when participants used sunscreen every day — and the risk for developing an invasive melanoma (a tumor that penetrates below the skin’s surface) was reduced by 73 percent among daily users.

  • 8th April
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Hardcore Nature Fanatic…and Bubble Gum Lip Armor.

See - you can still be rough, tough, and extreme when it comes to the outdoors while enjoying a little bubblegum/cherry lip balm! Just because it tastes wonderful and brings the child out of you, doesn’t mean it’s not powerful and effective! It’s just good old, Hardcore “cherry goodness.”



  • 25th March
  • 25

One Less Thing to Worry About…

Our children’s health is so important, yet very difficult to ensure at all times. Especially with the summer coming up, we’re likely so send our kids off to camp. And whether its just during the day, or a few weeks of sleep-away camp, we can’t be there at all times to wipe their noses, and wash their hands!

That’s why All Terrain’s kid’s line is so beneficial! Especially our new Kids Lip Armor -  it’s completely safe, and the kids love it! It’s one less thing a parent needs to worry about, and that’s a HUGE relief!


  • 15th March
  • 15

A Little for Them, A Little for You.

That’s so wonderful that your son enjoyed the Lip Armor so much! What a relief it is to have your children using something so beneficial and…dare I say it…healthy for them, and they actually enjoy it too! The kids get to benefit from the delicious flavors and soft lips, and Mommies get to check another thing off their “Things to worry about” list!


  • 15th March
  • 15

Safe & Tastey for the “Little Ones.”

All Terrain’s new KIDS Lip Armor is one of our greatest creations yet! We’re so glad your son loves it so much… and didn’t end up trying to eat it! That’s one reason why our new lip balm is so beneficial; it has the perfect balance between tastiness and temptation. You can’t go wrong here! How often are you really able to protect your children in a way they enjoy? I’d say pretty rarely… until now that is!